HP LO100i ADV 1-SRV Incl 1YR TS&U SW

530521-B21 HP LO100i ADV 1-SRV Incl 1YR TS&U SW
€ 743.51 (2565.11 Lt)
PREKĖS KODAS: 530521-B21
PREKIŲ LIKUTIS: 0 teirautis
PRISTATYMO TERMINAS: 1-5 D.D.Jei prekės atsiimamos ne Vilniaus ar Kauno salonuose, pristatymas gali trukti iki 10 D.D
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Features & Benefits
  • Remote Serial Console
  • Virtual Power Button
  • Remote environmental monitoring
  • Browser access
  • Command line access
  • IP Configuration
  • User Accounts
  • System Event Log
  • Network Connectivity
  • Integration with HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Virtual KVM graphic console
  • Virtual Media
  • Secure Socket Layer and Secure Shell Security
  • Manufacturer HEWLETT-PACKARD
    Manufacturer Datasheet http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/sm/WF06b/18964-18964-72366-70267-70267-1846734-3924866.html?jumpid=oc_R1002_UKENC-001_HP%20Lights-Out%20100i%20%20(LO100i%20&41;%20Advanced%20Pack%201-server%20w/1yr%20Supp%20Software&lang=en&cc=uk
    System Requirements Embedded LO100i Version 4.0 and its Advanced licenses are compatible with all HP ProLiant G6 servers.

    HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator Powered by Lights-Out 100i (LO100i) provides IPMI, DCMI, and SMASH system management capabilities which are activated for additional functionality with LO100i Advanced licenses for HP ProLiant 100 series servers at affordable price-performance levels. It allows customers, or their service providers, to remotely manage their servers over a LAN or the Internet from anywhere, anytime regardless whether the server is located in the same building, across town, or around the globe. With HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator Powered by LO100i, users can remotely access a server's serial and Telnet consoles and monitor system environmental conditions from a browser or command line. Advanced Licenses enable virtual KVM and virtual media as well as offer secured browser and command line access.

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