42U rack 19 inch 600x1000

CL-S19 42U-6/10 42U rack 19 inch 600x1000
€ 591.32 (2040.05 Lt)
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Kita The DIGITUS network cabinets are made of a robust steel construction with a minimum of seams. The cabinet can be taken apart for easy entry in small rooms. Ideal housing for active and passive 19” components. The elegant design fits into every modern office or computer centre. Standard Type: • 1.5 mm - 2 mm strong sheet steel with high load capacity • Side sections detachable and lockable • Ventilation slots for passive ventilation and exhaustion • Protection class IP 40 • Framed safety glass door, opening angle 180° with lockable swing handle, optionally available as a double-wing door • Lockable steel rear door • Spring-mounted hinges enable easy installation of the door or door change • Up to 600kg load-bearing capacity • 19" profile rails on the front and rear sides • Large cable entry with rubber-edged sliding mechanism on the floor, as protection against cable breakage and damage, and ensures the fixation of large bundles of cable • Cable feeds with brush strips • Completely e
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