Danfoss HC-Z 5 output Hydronic Floor Heating Controller, Z-Wave (EU) Z-Wave

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Gross depth (mm) 385 mm
Gross height (mm) 100 mm
Gross weight 0.98 kg
Gross width (mm) 110 mm
Net weight 0.8 kg
Other features Z-Wave Danfoss Link HC5 Hydronic Controller for 5 Outputs is a programmable, wireless control system for heating systems in residential buildings. Control of hydronic floor heating systems Up to 5 short-circuit protected outputs with LED indication Output for 24V NC or NO actuators 2-way wireless transmission Relays for both pump and boiler control Regulation by ON/OFF or Pulse Width Modulation principles (PWM) Automatic self-diagnostic function with an error message
Packing quantity 1 pc(s)
Producer product name HC-Z 5 output Hydronic Floor Heating Controller, Z-Wave (EU)
Special features The Danfoss Link HC5 Hydronic Controller is part of the wireless Z-wave control system for heating systems in residential homes, that controls hydronic floor heating systems. The Danfoss HC allows the control of warm water floor heating systems and offers a wide range of extended functionalities for optimal comfort and energy saving with individual room temperature control. The Danfoss HC includes among other: 5 short circuit safe outputs for 24V actuator drives NC or NO, relays for pump and boiler control, self-testing program, regulation by ON/OFF- or PWM-principle (pulse width modulation) etc. The system can consist of up to three Danfoss Link HC, offering a possibility of up to 30 outputs for even larger systems. The Danfoss Link HC has easy connection directly to 230 V power supply without the need for further transforming, supplying all actuator outputs with 24 V. Features: 2-way wireless transmission at 868.2 MHz, for higher transmission certainty and direct link test option on each system component like room sensors, etc. 5 short-circuit protected outputs with LED indication Outputs for 24 V NC or NO actuators Valve motion for all outputs approx. 12 minutes every second week with no heat demand Regulation by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) principle Input (ON/OFF) for heating/cooling Input (ON/OFF) for Away Function. When the switch is closed (ON), the system overrides all room thermostat set points and change it to 15° C Relay for pump control with automatic pump motion every third day for 1 min. to avoid damage during standby periods Relay for boiler control activated only at heat demand Automatic self-diagnosis providing an indication of several error possibilities like missing wireless connection or missing/non-functional actuator on output, etc.
Supported network protocols Z-Wave
Tare weight (kg) 0.18 kg
Technical features Transmission frequency: 868.42 MHz Transmission range in normal constructions: (up to) 30 m Transmission power: < 1 mW Supply voltage: 230 V AC Actuator outputs: 5 / 24 V DC Max. continued output load (total): 35 VA Relays: 230 V AC/ 8 (2) A Ambient temperature: 0 - 50° C IP class: 30 ErP class: ErP 4 (2%) Mains cable: 1.5 m Weight: 700 g Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm: 325 x 78 x 47
Volume (m3) 0.004235 m³
WEEE tax Yes
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